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Fresh start

As the topic states, we are starting anew, looking for fresh minds to enhance our roster. open spots are:Priest: any spec.Death knight: possible dps.Mage: dpsRogue: dpsShaman: ele / restoG...
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Guild News

Sharess, cought unaware

Uploaded with
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Guild News

Girion on a KEWL mount

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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Pleijo's summerbreak

First of all I would like to say how awesome it has been to raid with you guys this spring! We've had so many amazing moments together, for example killing Nefarian heroic. I'll start my summerbreak after thursdays(16.6) raid, and if I come back t...
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Peace and Love.

Hey. I won't be able to attend raids between the 27th of June to the 4th(or so) of July. I'm going away to one of the biggest festivals in Sweden during that time, called Peace and Love.
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

1 week vacation!

22 im flying down to Oslo city to get drunk 24\7 and hang with my brother, friends and whatever random people we meet. will be back the 28th. Thats the 1 week I have vacation. hugs.
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Summer yo!

So I heard today that I got a summer job for 4 weeks in Belgium. And I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks start of July and I want to spend some time with my friends and fmily before i go away for almost 2 months so starting from next week I'm taking...
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

I dont know what to say.

So guys the fucking D-day have come for me aswell. I dont know where to start. First of all i got a new job in Stockholm so im moving tomorrow. And seens im living in Gävle now is a far way for me to move. So i will not be able to bring my PC with...
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

The end of 6 years

well guys this was it for me 6 years of wow of bad degrees skiped classes failed exams meeting new ppl from other countrys making new friends having of laugh learning to speak on ventrilo olol and many other stuff but i...
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Semiafk for a week or two!

Hello!I currently have a friend living at my place, until the 19th, so basicly until then I'll be semi-afk... She used to play aswell so she should understand if I attend a raid or two, but I can't say for sure how many I'll be able to attend//Xenja
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Installing WoW....

I am not sure if i am able to make it to the raid due to installing the game.. When i turned on the computer today i couldent open any game and then i saw that all games i had on the computer was gone so need to reinstall wow again and dunno if i...
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

Elmoo AFK today

So i'll be away: 5/6because: already told Girion about it.forgot to sign of on the calender btw
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Going away ? Post here... aka AFK section

GOING AFK? EXAMPLE: Fancyabum, 1.6.2011 - 1.7.2011 - AWAY

EXAMPLE:So i'll be away: [date here],because: [reasons are always good] .I will/won't [be able to attend some/not at all/ext] raids.As for the threads topic, tell us ur name and the time that u'll be away to your best knowledge, u can also speci...
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Guild News

Heroic nefarian deaded. Carried by killeri.

Yes a very slacky and sucky screenshot(totally not my fault.). Posting the news itself was handled quitte slacky since awall normally did that shit ! For now you will have to do with a shitty picture untill i find out the technique behind making a...
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Guild News

Al'Akir Heroic deaded

Yes it was only 10 man. But i still think it deserves a news post with a pretty Screenshot that should look like a "V" but since girion is to fat, it came out like this.Now lets get the old drake down!
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Guild News


So yeah we killed the twins. But in the midst of everything i forgot to take a screenshot so instead heres something els!
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ODS Heroic!

CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!After only one night of tries, we just went and killed it!Keep up the hard work!
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Guild News

Hard work, magmaw, and conclave!

I'll start out with all the hard work we have done to try and keep this guild going.I know all the members, and officers have been working hard, spending many hours talking to people trying to find fresh blood.So i will take this opportunity to we...
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Guild News

3v3 guild event! On 9-4-2011, from 15.00!!!!!!

On saturday the 9th of april from 15.00, i will host the most awsome pvp event ever seen!AND I NEED YOU!!!!!So find a team, and read the post below on how to sign up!
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Guild News

Blind dwagon goes dead.

Yes after some insane kiteing from me myself and i, we killed the fucker.(On 25 man, go suck it!)
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