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(Nov 07, 2011)
meh, my subscription ended just today. don't you just hate it when that happens.
(Oct 09, 2011)
oh fuck me my acc got expired i will try to find asap someone who is going to pay it for me since banks atm are not working
(Sep 22, 2011)
can't attend, me and sharess are going to his mom's for pie. mmmmpie
(Sep 22, 2011)
If someone is reading this shoutbox, I'm gonna try to set a raid tonight (22.09) for Bot / BWD an Throne at around 20:00.
(Sep 16, 2011)
Dont think i will able to come for alt run have to do some stuff at my other house.
(Sep 08, 2011)
Your account on forum expired aswell? Don't think so.
(Sep 08, 2011)
my acc expired one day before i had to leave town so i couldn't inform you about it.
(Sep 07, 2011)
None knew about it. At least i didn't and if you did tell anyone it didn't end up to me.
(Sep 07, 2011)
i had some irl stuff to do for the past 2 weeks and now i'm guild kicked? :(
(Sep 01, 2011)
For those weho read this: Today's raid is moved to 21:00.
(Aug 25, 2011)
(Aug 25, 2011)
I a raid today ?
(Aug 24, 2011)
(Aug 19, 2011)
IM MAD, working night!!!!
(Aug 17, 2011)
You go tomm that tomming birthday tomm!
(Aug 16, 2011)
Wont be able to tomm for tomm's raid going on birthday
(Aug 10, 2011)
(Jul 25, 2011)
Rata U MAD!!
(Jun 27, 2011)
any raid tonight?
(Jun 25, 2011)
beep beep